Herbs for Pregnancy & Postpartum: 2 Hour Virtual Class



Please join us for this deep dive into Herbs for Pregnancy & Postpartum. 


 2 Hour Virtual Course  October 23rd

Who is this class for?

Anyone,Birthing People, Birth Workers, Herbalists, Herbal Beginners

What will you Learn?

Which Herbs to Use

Which Herbs to Avoid

Herbal Support for Pregnancy Complaints

Herbs for Cold And Flu During Pregnancy 

Postpartum Comfort Measures

Formulas and Recipes

Herbs for Breastfeeding Support

How to Nurse Herbs Through

Postpartum Steaming

Herbs to add to Placenta Encapsulation

What Will You Receive?

You will receive an ebook copy of Herbs for Postpartum & Pregnancy by Lyani Powers. A certificate of completion for the class and a shopping discount code to stock up at Modern Herbal Shop!






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