We created this bundle after receiving multiple requests for assistance.  Although there is no cure for our current health crisis we put this bundle together to give you  some added support.

Bundle Contents:

Antiviral Tincture

Tincture packed with antiviral herbs.  Formulated to help support the body during times of viral stress. 

Lung Tonic Tea:

This opening and cleansing blend supports lung function and is formulated to be high in vitamin C.

Fire Cider:

Our fire cider is a necessity during cold, flu, and allergy season! It is claimed by many to have benefits of boosting energy, warding off colds and flus, easing sinus congestion, maintaining blood sugar levels, curbing cravings, and aiding digestion. 

Recommended Add Ons:

Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup

Eucalyptus Shower Melts 



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