STEP 1: Boil water

Using a pot of kettle on a stovetop, bring your filtered water to a boil. The quality of water matters.

STEP 2: Choose your infuser

There are any number of devices that you can use to steep loose tea. A few are tea balls, sticks, mugs, and french presses. We offer a few of our favorite tea gadgets in our shop.
Fill your infuser with 1.5 teaspoons of loose tea to every cup of tea you wish to make.

STEP 3: Put tea into teapot and add hot water

If using a ball or stick, fill your favorite mug with hot water and insert your infuser.

If using a mug or french press, drop in your loose tea, replace the strainer, and add your hot water.

STEP 4: Cover and steep

Steep time is tea specific but usually it’s no more than 5 minutes.

If using a ball or stick, cover your mug with a small dish or whatever else you have handy.

If using a mug or french press, simply reset your lid.


STEP 5: Enjoy! 

If using a ball or stick, remove the infuser, sit and sip!

If using a mug or french press, pull out your favorite mug, pour, sit and sip!