Lyani has studied clinical herbalism and ethnobotany since she was a child. Starting under the skirts of both grandmothers by watching how they farmed and used plants to create remedies. Lyani grew up listening to her elders speak of what plant works for what ailment and how to treat and soothe others aches and pains. When Lyani was diagnosed with MS, she was motivated to learn more about additional avenues of healing for myself and others. Though her personal journey to health, Lyani met inspiring and remarkably intelligent healers including nutritionists, naturopaths, and medical physicians. What she learned was invaluable, so much so, she wanted to learn even more.
Lyani dove headfirst into numerous courses, curriculums, and apprenticeships. She completed her studies in Clinical Herbalism, where she studied under Arbor Vitae School in New York founder, Richard Mandelbaum. After that program, she completed the Rosemary Gladstar Herbal Education Program. She went on to complete additional certifications in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Nutrition through Glow Maven and Divine Birth Wisdom. Her Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Certification is from The Newborn Collective. She is also a CLC, Certified Lactation Consultant. The process of learning never stops for Lyani as she continues to explore the endless depths of wellness through nutrition and holistic care.

After the birth of her first child, Lyani realized she has a passion for supporting birthing people and their babies. When Lyani was pregnant, she had to learn how to support herself holistically but finding quality products and services were difficult to say the least. "There are so many ways to support people during pregnancy,postpartum, motherhood in general, and menopause but many women simply do not know or do not have access to these practices.” Lyani made it her mission to help bridge that gap. She believes no parent should be sitting home in discomfort when if there are simple, safe, holistic solutions. The more Lyani studied, the more she discovered the need for women to help, support, and campaign for other women. Although assisting women through motherhood has been Lyani’s personal focus, Modern Herbal welcomes everyone no matter their gender or identity. We offer a wide range of gender neutral products as well as solutions specific to men including products for male rejuvenation and grooming.

Helping children is also one of Lyani’s passions. Her love for her own family shows as she makes it her everyday mission to create everything needed to be healthy, mentally, and physically. Lyani strives to offer the same service to you and your family.
Lyani believes in the power of plant medicine and its ability to be utilized in both traditional and innovative ways. She is also a firm advocate for collaborative care and helps many clients find ways to safely integrate herbs with their other prescriptions (when not contraindicated).

Along with personal consultations, Modern Herbal Apothecary offers products for everything from common to complicated ailments such as eczema, ear discomforts, tummy troubles, all the way to insomnia, infertility support. They also believe highly in client education and community outreach and enjoy hosting “how to” workshops for creating your own products as well as dialogue on how to best use them.

When you consider using the services of Lyani Powers and Modern Herbal Apothecary, know that your concerns will be handled with the honesty, care and the attention you deserve. The MH brand of herbal wisdom is genuine, direct, and has evolved from experience and clinical research.We strive to be of service by helping other families and individuals grow and prosper. Lyani believes helping is the “rent” you pay for your time on earth and she plans on paying more than her fair share.