Have you always been interested in holistic healing?

“I’ve studied clinical herbalism and ethnobotany in one way or another since I was a child. Starting with both my grandmothers being farmers and using plants to create home remedies. I grew up listening to my elders speak of what plant works for what ailment; how to treat and soothe others aches and pains. When I was diagnosed with MS, I was motivated to learn about additional avenues of healing for myself and others. I met inspiring and remarkably intelligent healers during my personal journey to health, including nutritionists, naturopaths, and various physicians. What I learned was invaluable, so much so, I wanted to learn even more. So I began my headfirst dive into numerous classes and apprenticeships.
I went back to school for Clinical Herbalism, and studied under Richard Mandelbaum one of the founders of the Arbor Vitae School in New York. After that program, I completed the Rosemary Gladstar Herbal Education Program, Divine Birth Wisdom Program and I have my Newborn Collective Postpartum Doula Certification as well as my IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). There are so many more things I am consistently traveling and learning. I needed a platform to share it all.”

What made you want to start Modern Herbal?

“After the birth of my first child, I realized the area where my passion resided was with mommies and babies. When I was pregnant, I had to learn how to support myself but I couldn’t find quality products readily available. There are so many ways to support women during this emotional and physically taxing time, as well as the other transitions a woman must journey through like motherhood and menopause. So I made my mission to fill in that gap. No one should be sitting home in discomfort when there is a simple solution. The more I studied the more I’ve discovered the need for women to help and support other women and campaign for our causes and needs. I believe in using natural products and utilizing them in traditional and innovative ways. Things need to be streamlined and accessible. Today’s women don’t have time for anything else!
Helping children is also one of my passions. I love my family and I make it my everyday mission to make sure they have what they need to be healthy, mentally and physically. And now I want to do the same for others and their existing (or future) children. Along with personal consultations, Modern Herbal will also offer products for common ailments such as eczema, ear discomforts, and tummy troubles.
The other side of the business will be in client education and outreach; as well as “how to” workshops for creating your own products and how to use them. I also plan to offer products that may help with conception for those who considering having a family.”

So, is Modern Herbal just for women?

“No, although my focus of study has been women I don’t want to ostracize the men. Especially because the dynamic has changed and many men are active in the daily care taking of the family unit. They’re in this fight, too! To that end, I will have a selection of products geared towards the male demographic, including male rejuvenation and preconception products as a well as organic stress relievers (the men need love and care too!).”

How would you describe yourself?

“Ugh, I hate talking about myself….. but I would say I am pretty blunt, genuine, and unapologetically myself. I’m a mix of all the places I have been and all the things I have learned. I like taking that and helping others with it. I feel that helping others is the rent you pay for your time on earth and you should do whatever good you can. This is how I plan to do it. “