Roberta Gordon: Rest Easy Tea Review Nov 24, 2018

Those of you suffering from insomnia, you can agree with me that it is as debilitating as any serious illness. Not getting the rest our bodies need can lead to many potential problems further exacerbating our struggles with falling asleep.

I have tried all the typical remedies to no avail. My good friend taking pity on me suggested I contact her daughter, an experienced herbalist. Few days later I received an assortment of Rest Easy Tea and two sets of drops with instructions. Just opening the jar with tea I felt being transported into an English flower garden. Once I brewed the tea I found its relaxing effects almost immediately. Once I started adding drops of Rest Easy Extract sleep came easily and naturally.

Now whenever I feel stressed, my mind racing, tossing and turning I have a cup of tea prepared for me with such tenderness and expertise by Lyani Powers and enjoy a good night sleep.


Luna Angel: Bomb Belly Butter ReviewNov 24, 2018

I was pregnant with my daughter Angelina in 2016. I saw photos on social media of Lyani's flawless birth body with no stretch marks and instantly contacted and hounded her for more information! Lyani shipped me a container of her body butter immediately and I started using it right away. I was worried about getting marks on my stomach, as I do have previous marks from weight loss on my breasts and hips. Needless to say, I have no stretch marks from the birth of my 9.4 pound baby girl. Lyani's oil is magic, and it literally saved my skin. I have bikini photos to prove it! Thank you Lyani and I will be sure to send more mothers your way!

-Luna Angel


Chandra Family: Herbal Clinic ReviewNov 24, 2018

As first time parents, it can be scary watching your baby deal with illness. Lyani gently walked us through each situation that arose with such care and expertise. Her products are pure and of top quality. If you’re looking for a place built upon integrity, you’ve found it. 

-Jen Chandra