Your body just gave you the greatest gift and now it is time to give it one back. A golden month traditionally refers to the first 30-40 days after giving birth. It is a significantly impactful window full of opportunity for bonding, learning, and healing. It is the time to learn cues and build the relationship necessary for a successful breastfeeding journey. It is also a special window designated to engage in healing and revitalizing practices that will set up the mother up for a smoother postpartum recovery and assist her future transition into menopause. Although, the term gold month originates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we weave practices into our holistic postpartum approach that reflect our individual cultures as well as the different global modalities we have been honored to study. Our tools are pulled from TCM, Folk and Indigenous Wisdom, Aryuvedic, and Clinical Herbalism. We offer an individualized support system for each of our clients because each birthing experience is unique. By employing a myriad of supportive practices from nutrition, supportive touch, and ceremony we aim to help usher and support you as you enter parenthood either with your firstborn or your brand new addition.