Golden Roots: Global Comfort Foods for Heritage & Healing in Postpartum E-Book




Our book includes easy to follow recipes for healing soups; replenishing meals and treats; calming and grounding beverages and lactation supportive teas, all formulated to support the unique needs of a new mother. We incorporate supportive herbs and spices from our traditional southern and Caribbean roots and blend them with Ayurvedic and TCM herbs to create tasty and rejuvenating meals. In addition to the recipes, our book is steeped in personal experience and wisdom passed down through generations from all over the globe.

Nourishing yourself after the birth of your baby is just as important as it is during pregnancy, especially if you're breastfeeding. Your body has been through a lot and has some healing to do. Whether you've had a C-section or not, it's important to help your body heal by giving it the proper nutrients. By getting adequate nutrition with focus on a few key nutrients you could help decrease the risk of postpartum depression. Not to mention, being a new mom is hard and you will need all the energy you can get. Fueling yourself properly will give you more energy and help you feel your best as your body recovers and you care for your new baby.


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