Size: 8oz
Variety: Purple - Atlantic


 ***This item is perishable. We ship on Once a week with a cold pack but we also suggest selecting the quick shipping time.  Please refrigerate or freeze upon arrival*** 

Our Sea Mosses are Ethically Wildcrafted. We purchase directly from the source to ensure its quality.




Supports Healthy Metabolism

Promotes a Healthy Colon

This wonderful plant works is a multitasker: a Demulcent, Nutritive, Anti-diarrheal, Emollient, Vulnerary, Anti-catarrhal, Expectorant, Anti-Nausea, Tonic, Antacid, Laxative, Iodine Source, Stimulant, and Diuretic.*
Meaning it soothes and coats while delivering nutrients. Helps settle tummies, softens and helps heal skin, helps remove excess mucous.  Assists with moving bowels and helping the body remove excess water. .
It works great in smoothies and can be sweetened with honey.
Can be taken as part of a blend for morning sickness along with herbs like meadowsweet, black horehound and chamomile
Provides healing and soothing healing action on the systems mucous membranes and helps with gastritis and ulcers and constipation. Acts as a tonic by providing vitamins, minerals, and sugars (yin tonic). Popular remedy made into a jelly for pulmonary complaints including coughing and debility. .

Good herb for cough syrup.  Blend with herbs like comfrey, thyme, anis, fennel, and lobelia.
* Helps to balance hormonal deficiency especially in thyroid gland.  Increases metabolic rate and thyroid activity and detoxifying of the body.  Supplies trace minerals and increases flow of urine, absorbing toxins from body.  Increases circulation, provides bulk stool, soothe inflamed tissues and promotes healthy colonic bacteria.  Also treats enlarged glands:  Prostate, thyroid, lymph glands. 

Promotes Healing of fresh cuts and wounds, ulcers, and sores.
Strengthens connective tissue including hair, skin, and nails.  Used to treat eczema and psoriasis
Popular remedy made into a jelly for kidney and bladder infections

The MOST Frequently Asked Question about my sea moss is definitely “What is the difference between purple  and golden sea  moss ?”
Answer: They are similar in that they are both mineral-rich varieties of sea moss...but they are also different in some ways.
Irish moss an overall higher mineral concentration especially in calcium for the bones, potassium for the brain, is bulkier and has more polymers to cleanse the body of heavy metal, toxins, and is more of a complete food. It is the optimal choice for regulating the digestive system, thyroid, balancing hormone production, general health and weight loss through fasting
The purple moss is also high in minerals but has especially high concentration of sulphur, making her good for the respiratory system. It is also higher in antioxidants that kill free radicals, especially in the phytonutrient anthocyanins


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