JuJu & Goji Berry Tea



In terms of optimal timing of when to drink during the month, in correlation with a women’s menses, any time is fine if you have a small amount of the Goji Berries and Red Dates herbal tea regularly. Otherwise, the time after your menses finishes is most suitable because it is when you need to replenish the blood you have lost (especially if your menstruation is heavy or longer in duration). Almost all Chinese women follow that during the last part of their menstruation circle it is good to have some Goji Berries and Red Dates tea  because it can alleviate the pain of menstruation and help remove the old blood flow. A primary philosophy of TCM is that when there is not enough qi and blood or if the qi or blood are stuck in an area, it will cause an imbalance between Yin and Yang. Because of this imbalance, internal organs won’t function optimally and illness and pain develop. Making sure you have a clean, healthy cycle is important not only for a manageable menses but to maintain overall order within your immune system and function.

Hey we would would never leave you guys out! Did you know that goji berries and red dates herbal tea is super high in anti-oxidants and helps with infertility and helps increase sperm count. So, there you have it! This tea is not just for us girls.




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