Perfect tea for your time of the month. Blended to help with mood and water retention. We use nutrient and iron rich herbs to keep your levels up. 


Nettle, Damiana, Rose, Lavender, Pipsissewa, &  Moringa

The Goods

Rosebuds, Lavender, Damiana, Pipsessewa, Nettle, Moringa

The Process

How to Make Your Tea

To make a hot herbal tea we recommend using about 1-2 teaspoons per I oz of hot water. Steep herbs in water for 12mins. Strain and enjoy! Add sweetener to taste.

To make a hot/cold infusion (for a stronger blend)

To make an infusion we recommend 1-3 tablespoons of herbs to 8 ounces of water or 1 ounce of herb by weight per quart of water and then steep for several hours or even overnight. Strain the herbs, and the result is a delicious, nutritious herbal infusion It’s recommended to drink herbal infusions within 24 hours to ensure optimal nutritive content and freshness. Enjoy!



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