Dear Mama: Mother's Day Gift Box

Title: Gift Box


*Please note that Gift Boxes order on or after 5/7 may arrive AFTER Mother's Day*

For the month of May we are featuring a Dear Mama Gift Box! 

Get excited, because it comes with:

Tired As a Mother Tea: 1oz of our organic tea blend, full of calming and nourishing herbs with tasty dried fruit.

The Mother Load Tincture: 2oz of our organic tincture, great for calming the mother load.

Ayurvedic Soap: An all natural soap with coconut oil and 7 Ayurvedic herbs to promote a natural glow. 

Sandalwood Incense Ropes: Handmade incense ropes to cleanse and refresh your space. 

This bundle would go great with our tea infuser mug if tea accessories are needed. 

All is presented in an eco friendly gift box. We hope you love it...

You and your Mama!


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