Seasonal Subscription Box : FALL EQUINOX

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Each season we curate a box featuring a limited run of our freshest creations and finds. We pull inspiration from what is growing in our gardens, places we have traveled, and goods gathered from our dynamic group of collaborators.  

This Season's Summer Solstice Box Contains:


Cider Tea

Sip into the warmth of autumn with each comforting, aromatic cup of our Fall Cider Tea, a delightful blend of elderberry, cinnamon, orange, marshmallow root, and apples. 1 oz bag (10 servings


Turmeric Soap

Introducing our latest seasonal creation, the Fall Turmeric Bliss soap, a luxurious artisan soap crafted in collaboration with Stella & Throne Soapery. This handcrafted face and body bar features skin balancing tumeric enriched with shea butter and coconut oil for a nourishing cleanse while maintaining its commitment to being sulfate-free, paraben-free, and free from artificial dyes or fragrance oils. (1 bar)


Simmer Pot

Embrace the essence of autumn in your home with our Fall Simmer Pot Blend, available by the ounce. This carefully crafted blend of seasonal spices and botanicals will fill your space with cozy warmth and inviting fragrances, perfect for creating a comforting and welcoming atmosphere during the fall season.

Golden Immunity Honey

Elevate your wellness routine with our Golden Immunity Honey, a harmonious fusion of ginger, reishi, turmeric, and licorice. This golden elixir is designed to boost your immune system while indulging your taste buds with a rich and soothing blend of nature's finest ingredients. Savor the goodness, spoon by spoon.

Morrocan Rose & Smoked Salt:

Elevate your culinary adventures with our delicious artisanal salts. Discover the smoky depths of our Smoked Salt and the aromatic allure of Moroccan Rose Salt, both presented in elegant glass tubes. These artisanal salts add a touch of sophistication and flavor to your dishes, making every meal a gourmet experience. Taste the difference, one pinch at a time

Mini Immunity Bundle or Elderberry kit

Boost your immunity and embrace the flavors of fall with our Mini Immunity Bundle, a delightful addition to your autumn box. Inside, you'll find the power of elderberry and the fiery zest of our signature Fire Cider. Together, they create a dynamic duo to help fortify your defenses during the seasonal transition. Unbox wellness, embrace autumn, and stay vibrant all season long

Cinnamon and CedarWood Hair Oil

Designed to elevate your hair care routine. This aromatic mist combines the warm, comforting notes of cinnamon with the earthy richness of cedarwood and the benefits of avocado oil. leaving your hair not only smelling divine but also promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being.


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