Seasonal Subscription Box: SPRING EQUINOX



Each season we curate a box featuring a limited run of our freshest creations and finds. We pull inspiration from what is growing in our gardens, places we have traveled, and goods gathered from our dynamic group of collaborators.  

This Season's Spring Equinox Box Contains:


Spring Detox Tea

Time to do some spring cleaning. This lymphatic supportive cup of Spring Tea holds a cleansing blend of Nettle, Cleavers, Calendula, Yellowdock, Mint, and Orange. 1 oz bag (10 servings

Spring Smudge Mist:

Our rejuvenating Spring Smudge Mist, carefully crafted to bring the essence of the season into your space. Immerse yourself in the invigorating blend of lemongrass, palo santo, and citrus, as these aromatic botanicals come together to create a symphony of freshness. 2 oz 

Home Sweet Home Honey

Sample our lavender infused super local honey. The sweet floral taste goes with any cup of tea or culinary treat. 3.5 oz

Detox Bath

Indulge in the ultimate detox experience with our carefully crafted bath blend. Blended with Epsom salt renowned for its detoxifying properties, Lemongrass to invigorate the senses, Seaweed to nourish and purify, Basil Oil for its soothing aroma, and Sodium Bicarbonate to gently cleanse the skin. This luxurious concoction helps to melt away stress, eliminate toxins, and leave you feeling utterly refreshed from head to toe. 5 oz

Herbal Face Mask

Indulge your skin with a revitalizing herbal mask featuring bentonite clay, vitamin C, and the soothing essences of rose, lavender, and calendula. This harmonious blend purifies, brightens, and nurtures your skin, providing a spa-like experience for a refreshed and radiant complexion. 4 oz

Detox Bar

Introducing our latest seasonal creation, the Detox Bar, a luxurious artisan soap crafted in collaboration with Stella & Throne Soapery. This handcrafted face and body bar is enriched with charcoal, shea butter, and coconut oil for a nourishing cleanse while maintaining its commitment to being sulfate-free, paraben-free, and free from artificial dyes or fragrance oils. 1 bar


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