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Our premier program is taught by owner & Master Herbalist, Lyani Powers. Inspired by Rosemary Gladstar's wisdom, and uniquely shaped by Lyani's expertise. This program is a hands-on journey that blends classes and projects with real experiences in our gardens, apothecary, and the classroom.

Spring session begins March 2024. There are 10 class days for the entire year. The class days are the 1st Saturday of each month, except for the month of March (which will be announced). 
Class attendance, homework submission, apprenticeship hours, and tuiton payments are all requirements. Failure to uphold responsibilities may result in dismissal from the program.
Students are asked to carefully consider their personal/work schedules and commitments before registering for this program. 
You can find more information about the course, and corresponding responsibilities below.

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claim your spot

claim your spot

claim your spot

We will be accepting 15 students this year. Spots are first come first serve. You MUST pay the full deposit of $350*, linked below to secure your spot. 
Once your spot has been reserved, you will be sent a welcome email that will include all you'll need to know to start!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to
*Deposits are non-refundable.



Topics Covered

Details & Requirements

Materials Provided

Class Schedule Info

Topics We Will Cover

  • Materia Medica: Learning and documenting the uses of 100+ herbs
  • Ethnobotany: With a sub focus on herbs traditionally used by the Diaspora 
  • Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
  • Wild Plant Identification: With a sub focus on Florida Natives 
  • Growing, Planting and Harvesting Practices: Traditional, Hydroponic, Farm Scale 
  • How to Make Different Herbal Products 
  • The Business of Running An Herbal Apothecary 
  • Herbalism as Activism

Details & Requirements

mreProgram Length: 10 months (1 lecture per month) 
Now Accepting Applications For: Spring session beginning in March 23, 2024 and ending December 14, 2024. 
10 Class Days for the Year: Class days are the 1st Saturday of each month, except for the month of March. 
*Class attendance is a requirement. Failure to attend a class day may result in dismissal from the program. 
Apprentice Hours: Every student is required to complete 40 total apprenticeship hours, a minimum of 4 hours per month apprenticing. 
*Failure to complete all 40 apprenticeship hours may result in dismissal from the program. 
Homework: Students will be given monthly assignments. Assignments involve research of up to 12 herbs each month. There will also be homework in Ethnobotany, Botany (specifically plant structure), Anatomy and Physiology. Another area of focus for class and homework will be completing student case studies. All homework must be completed and turned in each month (before the scheduled class day) for review. Homework will be checked individually and will be discussed in class. Please be aware that some months homework can take up to 10 hours a week and it can be very difficult to catch up if you fall behind. 
*Missed assignments may result in dismissal from the program.
Tuition & Payment: The total tuition cost is $1,900. $350 due at the time of enrollment. A monthly payment of $155 for 10 months while in the program. Payments are due BEFORE the next scheduled class date of each month. Payments will be checked individually. If a student drops the course at any point after the first class, they are responsible for 50% of remaining monthly payments.
*Missed payments may result in dismissal from the program. 

**Students are asked to carefully consider their personal/work schedules before registering for this program.**

Materials Provided

  • Set of 10 Lesson Books + Specially Designed Binder (Authored by, "Rosemary Gladstar") 
  • Handbook of Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Education Hours and Case Study Assistance (both are required for AHG application)
  • All Herbs necessary for required research and assignments. 
  • 10% Student discount for personal purchases. 
  • For graduates, 10% discount for life. 
  • Diploma and Certification upon graduation - signed by Lyani Powers & Rosemary Gladstar

Class Schedule Info

Class & Apprentice Location: 
Modern Herbal Apothecary
6412 S. Macdill Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611

Class Schedule:
10:00 AM: Gather & Lecture
1:00 PM: Break
1:30 PM: Lecture & Hands On Learning
5:30 PM: Close & Clean


Such a blessing

To have a special place like this here, with such amazing people. I am honored to have learned under Lyani, who is such a wise and beautiful person in & out! Thank you for what you do for the commUNITY.

Anisa M.

It's something my spirit has needed for a long time

Thanks to this program my knowledge of herbal wisdom is expanding infinitely. The biggest suprise though was the sense of community I felt from day one. What a blessing it is to feel grounded and at ease in a community that not only looks like you but also shares similar stories of oppression, resilience, radiance, and ultimately triumph.

Cameron B.

One of the best decisions I've made

Studying herbalism through the Modern Herbal course under Lyani Powers has easily been one of the best decisions I have made. As a homeschool teacher and gardener, I was looking to broaden my knowledge base on holistic health and education including growing methods for medicinal herbs. Most importantly, however, I wanted to do this through a specific cultural lens and learn both clinical and folk approaches to herbalism. This course did that in so much more.

Laura J.

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