Tea Tree & Charcoal handmade soap with Gold Leaf (because king’s deserve gold)⁣

Mannish Honey:⁣
Our raw honey infused with energy and stamina supportive herbs: Maca and Ginseng⁣

A yummy elixir to support strength and vitality and protect the heart. Made with Eleuthera, Hawthorn Berries, Muira Puama, Ashwaganda, Ginger, ,Cardamom, and Organic Pineapple. ⁣

Face and Hair Spray:⁣
Organic rose water and essential oils of Atlas Cedarwood work as facial toner or hair refreshment.⁣

Man Candle:⁣
A hand poured candle (they like candles too) in an earthy clean scent. ⁣


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